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Welcome to our new automatic tuition vehicle!

Driving School Car


March 14th our Toyota Yaris hybrid arrived, and here she is, all dressed up in the Care Motoring livery. Please watch out for her in and around Norwich, Wymondham and Dereham and give us a wave if you see us!

Hybrid means the car has a traditional combustion engine and fuel tank, together with an electric motor and a battery pack. Hybrid, as well as electric vehicles, do not have a manual gearbox. Therefore these are the cars of the future, and in time only electric vehicles will be on our roads. So, the need to be able to drive a manual car is fast disappearing, hence why Care Motoring has decided to make the switch to automatic now.


We offer assessment driving lessons before learners make the commitment to learn with us


Call (or text and ask for a call back) to book a ‘no commitment’ assessment lesson in our brand new automatic car.

Find out if Care Motoring is right for you before you book any further lessons. 


Want to know about the driving testbooking, changing, cancelling, cost, and what happens on test? Click here now


The driving test changed in December 2017.

Watch this video from the DVSA to find out what you can expect in the new test.

 Click here to find out how the ‘Show me, Tell me’ vehicle safety questions are also changing


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Looking for insurance? 


Young Marmalade offers insurance for learner drivers to cover you for private practice.

They also offer a special Student Driver insurance


 as well as insurance for those who have recently passed their driving test.

Marmalade New Driver


Care Motoring also recommends Collingwood insurance for learner drivers.

Short term insurance allowing you to be insured for private practice as and when you need it. Insure someone else’s car under your policy so that their car insurance is not affected. Provided you make no claims, then you will build up a no-claims bonus month by month, gradually reducing the cost of your insurance and having a period of no-claims when applying for insurance after you pass your test – what’s not to like?

Collingwood Learner Driver Insurance

Click the banner to find out more about insuring yourself for private practice

NEW:  Driving instructors are now covered by this insurance too! This means that if you want your instructor to assess your driving in your own car, or give you a couple of lessons in it before you have private practice sessions, you can do so. This is a big step forward for insurance!


Click to visit the eDrivingSolutions website



E-DrivingSolutions is a website with videos that are specifically designed to assist your hazard awareness skills and help you to develop the ability to scan the road scene. Eye scanning, together with making judgements and decisions, occurs in the frontal lobe of the brain, which isn’t fully developed until around the age of 25. The eDrivingSolutions system helps you to exercise your brain so that the skill develops.  Sounds like the stuff of science fiction, but I can 100% assure you it works because I’ve seen it happen too often. Click the logo above to visit the site.

If you were hungry, which would you choose?

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Market day in Dereham


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The Market Cross

Wymondham Market Cross

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Driving lessons in Norwich

© Michaelbfoley | Dreamstime.com – Norwich Cathedral, England. Photo


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6th October 2010 09:00 - Posted by jackie  | off

How do you learn best?

1. In a relaxed environment? I’m sure your answer to this will be a resounding YES!

2. In your preferred learning style?

  • Using pictures/diagrams/charts?
  • In conversation with the teacher/instructor?
  • reading the information and/or writing it down?
  • just getting on and doing it?

In reality, you may like to learn in more than one way, maybe all of the above?

But you will probably have a preferred way of learning something for the first time.

3. Do you like to set your own goals, deciding, in discussion with your instructor, what you want to do and achieve during the lesson?

4. Are you happy to assess your own progress and reflect on things you have done well and not so well?

5. Do you enjoy working out for yourself how you can improve your performance?

This way of learning puts more responsibility onto you, the learner driver, with the instructor managing risk alongside you.

Because driving is all about managing risk – are you up to this challenge?


If so, call 07775 667488 or 01603 881557 now!

12th March 2017 13:41 - Posted by jackie  |


Car accident, each driver blaming the other

The blame game!


If you were asked to define the driving task, what would you say? Would you talk about how to use all the controls – clutch, brake, accelerator (gas), gears, steering? Perhaps you’d mention things like junctions and roundabouts, traffic lights and pedestrian crossings, dual carriageways and motorways, city and rural driving? And of course you’d be right, these things are all part of the driving task. You might also mention mirrors and blind spots, scanning ahead, looking where you’re going, concentrating and not being distracted by friends or mobile phones. Now you’re getting ‘warmer’! Driving is ALL of these things, but they can all be summed up in one sentence:

Driving is all about managing risk!

The image above represents a very common scenario when there is an accident, and that is the ‘instinct’ to blame the other party. Maybe some of the blame for this can be put with the insurers, who insist that their policy holders should never admit to being at fault, meaning that they should keep quiet and stick to the facts of swapping all necessary details, rather than encouraging you to blame the other driver. But the truth of the matter is that there are 3 elements to any crash:

1. SPEED = something was moving

2. SURPRISE = something unexpected happened

3. SPACE = someone ran out of space

(The above risk model is taken from Mind Driving by Stephen Haley. To find out more, and buy a copy of this excellent book, click here)

In managing risk, you should keep all 3 of these elements in balance. What this means is that speed and space need to be managed well – the more space you have then the faster you can go, but as soon as that space is threatened, or reduced, speed should instantly be reduced too (engine braking, ie gas off) allowing you to focus on the danger and deal with it.

The element of ‘surprise’ needs to be eliminated by maintaining constant awareness – scan the road ahead for danger, constantly, and scan the road behind and to the sides with good, effective use of mirrors. To eliminate the element of surprise you might give to others, ensure you know who might be ‘surprised’ by you and what actions you can take to eliminate that surprise (indicate and/or alter position before braking, stopping or changing direction).

Space needs to be valued and managed at all times. If there is a piece of road space needed by another vehicle, then you are in a give-way situation, rather than blindly ploughing on, forcing another road user to give way. These are often referred to as ‘meeting’ situations, such as when there are parked vehicles. Crossing over someone else’s space, such as when turning right, needs to be carefully managed, and in traffic queues, not blocking space that another road user may need to cross is also important, for example keeping roundabout exits/entrances clear if traffic comes to a stop on a roundabout (imagine the queue you could be causing to build up on the joining road!).

So, all of the above adds up to recognising that driving is a constant game of risk management, a ‘game’ you need to learn to play, very well. The game can sometimes be made easier when there is an accompanying passenger willing to help out, such as your driving instructor, but there will come a time when you will be on your own and all decisions will be yours, and yours alone!

A depressing moment for this young female driver after a rear-end shunt!

Don’t let this happen to you!

Ensuring that the tuition you receive allows you to take control and manage all the risks yourself, evaluating any situations when your instructor has to step in and manage the risk for you, is the right way to ensure you will become a safe driver once you are on your own and managing all of the risks yourself. Will you text or talk on your phone? Will you check out your social media while driving? Will you mess around in the car with your mates? Will you shave or apply make-up? Will you have your music so loud you won’t hear the emergency vehicle approaching? Will you drive at high speed along a narrow rural road with blind bends?

If you failed to answer ‘NO’ to any of the questions in the last paragraph, then you are at an increased risk on the road because you are failing to manage all the risks. Don’t become another statistic, get the tuition that puts the task of managing the risks with you – it will be shared at first, but gradually, over time, you should be taking on more and more of the responsibility for managing risk as the driver.

To find out more about driving lessons with Care Motoring, please call, text or email us:

01603 881557

07775 667488

[email protected]

26th July 2015 14:14 - Posted by jackie  |

The DSA, Driving Standards Agency, the agency that looks after all driver testing and standards, has officially amalgamated with VOSA, the Vehicle and  Operator Services Agency, to be officially known, as of April 2nd 2014, as the DVSA, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency.

Read the announcement

For all driving and theory tests it will be business as usual, learner drivers should notice no change, apart from the name. Care should still be taken when booking theory or driving tests to ensure you are on the official site. If you are asked to pay a booking fee,in addition to the test fee, then you are NOT on the official site. Access to the official booking sites is given on this website, or you can click the links below:

Book theory test
Book practical test

2nd April 2014 20:23 - Posted by jackie  |


Save Money button   

How to save money on your driving lessons.

                           (The secret your friends don’t know – shhhhh!)

How much are your driving lessons?

Is this the question you ask?

So what do you do with the answer?  Ring round and choose the cheapest?

Well what else can you do if this is the question you ask first?  You’re choosing on price, right?


You are asking how much you’ll have to pay per hour.  That is all!

Sliding Doors:

Selection of chocolate bars - instant gratification

So, you decide to go with the instructor charging £18.  After all, that’s much more than you earn per hour, and it seems a reasonable amount to pay.  Besides, the guy is really busy, teaching from early in the morning to well into the evening, so he can find a time to suit you, weekends included!  You book 2hrs once a week, on your day off, and excitedly look forward to your first lesson.

First couple of lessons go well, then on the 3rd he’s 20mins late and he failed to let you know!

Following week he cancels as he has a driving test – well that is to be expected from such a busy instructor.

All goes well for the next couple of lessons, but on the next one he fails to turn up!  What is going on?

Full of apologies he tells you a sad story so you are understanding.

Your lessons continue, but he starts shouting at you when you get things wrong!  You just don’t seem to be able to get the hang of what he’s telling you, so after several lessons that nearly have you in tears, you decide to quit.

You managed to pass your theory test on the 3rd attempt, after spending more money on a DVD to help you!

In total you’ve spent £360 on 10 lessons (which is 20hrs, remember!) and you’re now a ‘nervous driver’!  Plus you spent £93 on your 3 theory tests, and the certificate only lasts for 2yrs!  The DVD cost £12 so total spent was £465! 
Cheap driving lessons cost you dear!


 Fruit - longer lasting effects

So, you decide to go with the instructor charging £30.  By far the most expensive in the area, but you know from experience you get what you pay for.

First lesson she tells you that you that this is an assessment lesson – your instructor will assess your needs, your aptitude, your learning style and your attitude to driving.  You will assess whether or not you feel comfortable with this person and whether or not you like the way they teach you. You are reassured that you are under no obligation to take any more lessons with Care Motoring if you don’t feel it is right for you.

At the end of this lesson you feel very comfortable because the instructor really seems to understand you, you just ‘click’.  She asks you for your opinions on how well you think you’ve done!  She asks you to decide what goals you’d like to set yourself for the next lesson!  She even asked you what goal you’d set for yourself for passing your driving test!  You had a pleasant chat about that and decided  around 5 months was reasonable, but that this goal could be re-evaluated regularly.

You decide to continue with this instructor so she offers you a block of 8hrs for £200 and you accept.

The next lesson, your instructor comes armed with a folder from her driving school, full of information about learning to drive, the theory test and the practical test, even tips for when you’ve passed your test!  There’s some leafllets about insurance (you didn’t realise you could get insurance for yourself, on a vehicle you will practise in between lessons, without affecting the car owner’s insurance!  Your parents will be pleased!).  The instructor tells you she will sign you up with a website where you can learn for your theory test, so you don’t need to buy anything, plus another e-learning site where you can also do theory test practice and learn more about driving with some very special videos to help you develop better driving skills.  And this instructor has also set up a folder on YouTube containing the best videos to further assist your learning. Gosh, all this as part of the lesson fee you pay!

Well, the rest of the lessons go really well and, with some help and advice from your instructor, you pass your theory test first time and book your driving test for a month later.  By this time you are having private practice with your mum, and whenever you can you watch these videos your instructor has recommended, as well as learning from the e-learning site your instructor signed you up to.  In fact, you soon realise you are learning an awful lot between lessons, not just on the driving lessons themselves!  So this is how you save money on driving lessons!!

And guess what?  You pass your test first time!  Total cost of your driving lessons?  £1000. With your theory (1st time pass) and driving test fees (1st time pass), the total came to £1093.  Spread over 5 months and it comes to £218.60 per month!
Test passed, tear up that L-plate!

And now you have your driving licence for life, and you love driving!  You also understand how to be a safe and responsible driver, whilst making progress at the same time!  In fact your mates say ‘you don’t hang around’!  (But this is the secret you keep to yourself!)  And you can be sure the effects of these driving lessons will stay with you, and help to keep you safe, for life!


So, which of the ‘sliding doors (great film, by-the-way!) will you choose?  Will you choose the cheapest lesson price (chocolate bars) or the most expensive (fruit)?

Would you rather waste £465, and become a nervous driver (chocolate) or spend £1093 and end up, not only with a driving licence but as a safe, confident and responsible driver (fruit)?

It’s your choice!

Call now to discuss your needs:


07775 667488          01603 881557




5th January 2014 13:26 - Posted by jackie  |

Sophie Morgan was left paralysed in a car crash at 18.  In this video Gary Linekar interviews her, asking her about the crash itself and what she would now do differently if she had the choice.  With thanks to the DIA (Driving Instructors Association) for sharing this video.  Find an instructor in your area who is a member of the DIA.

Watch this compelling interview with Gary Linekar:

Please feel free to express your comments below.

26th July 2013 15:56 - Posted by jackie  |


Man Jailed for Fatal Road Crash

Next time you think it doesn’t matter if you drive at 60mph+ in a 40mph zone, or you see no point in the 30mph limit where you are driving, please ask yourself the ‘What if…?’ question:

What if a pedestrian is crossing the road just beyond this bend?

What if a child runs out from a driveway?

What if that emerging car stalls?

What if there is a dog walker/horse rider/child/cyclist around the bend on this narrow country road?

What if there is a vehicle coming towards me around this bend on this single track road? (Each travelling at 30mph = 60mph crash!).

Defensive drivers understand ‘What if…?’  Do you?

23rd April 2013 16:52 - Posted by jackie  |


The Driving Instructors Learning Environment

(The DILE) 

The winding road through green pastures, The Dile brand image

Driving Instructors, a new membership website for you.

Consider the following statements concerning CPD:

  • I don’t have time to do CPD
  • CPD costs too much
  • All courses are too far away
  • I can’t give up a day of driving lessons
  • CPD doesn’t help me earn more money
  • I’ve been doing this job for years so why should I change now?
  • I know everything I need to know to teach learner drivers

How many of these statements apply to you?  Would you like to do more but time/cost/distance all get in the way?

Do you find you really don’t know what courses to do?  Don’t know who delivers the best training?

Don’t know if it’s worth your while doing a BTEC course, or even if you’d cope with such a course?

Attended a few workshops or training days in the past, but found they added nothing to your business?

You’d be happy to read a bit more, but don’t know where to find topics of interest to you?

You’d like to interact with other ADIs, but don’t always find Facebook appropriate?

No doubt you could add many more to this list.

So, what then is The Dile? 

Put simply, it’s learning online, sharing knowledge and resources, meeting the experts in driver training and in business.  Learning how to run your driving school like a well-oiled machine!  Learning new skills so you can deliver (even) better driving lessons!  Understand client-centred teaching, because you’ll need to demonstrate proficiency in this in your check tests post April 2014.  Meet the trainers who’ll help you get that grade 5 or 6.  Find out how to use social media for business.  And much much more!


Twice monthly webinars; articles; videos; blog; topic based forums; advice and support for you.

Find it all on The Dile, saving you time searching the Internet for what you need.

Familiar green octagonal shows the website is for Approved Driving Instructors Visit the site: thedile.com


Add your email address in the sign-up box below to receive the weekly newsletter from the Dile.  Unsubscribe at any time.


1st April 2013 15:35 - Posted by jackie  |


Image showing fatal and serious crashes along the A47 route from Swaffham to Easton

Image from the Dereham Times, 14.03.2013

When you look at this image, and see all those red triangles (fatalities) and blue squares (serious injuries), what do you think about?  Personally I think of all those families affected by these tragedies.  In the latest crash there was an additional fatality, not involved in the crash itself, because the partner of the dead woman collapsed and died from a heart attack the following day!  The human cost of these crashes is horrific!   And there is a financial cost too, that must be bourne by  the emergency services, employers, and ultimately the economy.  But no price can be put on the human suffering which will be felt for many years, a lifetime for the families involved!

So, I am in total agreement for the upgrading of this stretch of single carriageway to dual; any road improvements which can be carried out to improve safety are to be welcomed, and should be lobbied for.  However, road improvements alone will never solve the problem, but the thing that will do so, in conjunction with these road improvements, is the very thing the motoring public would shout loudly against, and that is regular refresher training for ALL drivers, every 10yrs on renewal of photo licence, with a suitably qualified driver trainer.  This should be someone who has received further training since becoming an ADI (Approved Driving Instructor), both in their driving skills, which must be at the very highest level, and in their coaching techniques, because no qualified driver wants to be treated like a learner!  And when these drivers reach old age, I firmly believe we will see a drastic reduction in crashes associated with elderly drivers.  Put quite simply, if you have poor driving skills before you reach 70, you can be sure those will get worse in old age!  Develop good driving skills throughout your driving lifetime, then you stand a much better chance of retaining your independence long into your dotage!


Develop good driving skills when younger and remain independent for longer!


Please do comment on this post as a lively debate would be most welcome!

14th March 2013 21:09 - Posted by jackie  |


How well do you use your eyes when driving?

Blue eyes

As a learner driver, you actually need to be taught how to use your eyes.  How wierd is that?

Take a peep at the following tips and see how many of these you are already aware of:

Aim your eyes high:

To see as far ahead as possible, you need to aim your eyes high, so think of them like headlights, on main beam not dipped.  Our eyes are used to looking lower down when we’re walking, so when you first start to learn to drive, you need to practise focusing your eyes much higher than your brain is used to doing.  In fact a large percentage of qualified drivers need to do so too!

Look at what you want to hit:

If you don’t want to hit it, don’t look at it!  What should you look at?  The space where you want your car to go.  Going through a narrow gap, keep focused on the road ahead where you want to go; in a multi-storey car park, negotiating the ramp between floors, look into the space ahead not at the wall or railings to the side.  Turning into a side road, look as early as possible into the road, and, as you make the turn, avoid looking at the corner pavement, kerb, wall, hedge etc, but focus your eyes well up into the road ahead.

Keep your eyes moving:

Scan the scene so that your eyes move out far ahead, then bring them back towards your car, like reeling in a fishing rod, into the rear-view mirror, then out ahead again.  Let your eyes scan the scene from side to side, like sitting a bit close to a cinema screen, so you spot things to the sides.  And remember to blink!  Heavy concentration makes the brain stare, or fixate, which prevents blinking, leading to dry eye, which then makes you feel tired!  Gosh, so many connections!

I’m sure these are things about learning to drive you just wouldn’t even have thought about.  And there’s more!  But I’ll save that for another post.

Take care (of your eyes)



15th November 2012 10:54 - Posted by jackie  |

Horse and rider in idyllic country setting

Flat, clear, open rural road in Norfolk, national speed limit, learner driver ahead slows down then brakes, not hard, but keeps brakes on to slow the car much more.  Traffic isn’t heavy, and the learner has happily been travelling at 50mph, not up to the limit, but an acceptable speed.  So why has this driver slowed down?

Well, I would hope most drivers would ask that question, and take a moment or two to look for the reason, before finally deciding it’s safe to overtake.  Not so the 2 cars that overtook us today!  One can only assume it was the sight of the obvious learner car that caused them both to overtake.  One was dangerous enough, but two…?  It beggars belief!

Rural road showing sign warning of horses

So just why did my learner slow down so much, on such a clear road for no obvious reason?  Well, further ahead, the learner had spotted 2 horse riders emerging from a junction on the left to cross into the junction on the right.  There was a clear warning sign of the crossroads, and this is a rural area, so a moment’s thought from these 2 drivers would have been a sensible thing to do.  But no, first one overtook at speed, I would say at the limit of 60mph, an act which horrified us both, but then along came the 2nd, at an even faster speed!  Thankfully both horse riders got safely across, but not without one of the horses becoming agitated and difficult for his rider to control!

So please, don’t just think bike, think horses too!  Look for the clues – warning signs, horses in the fields, fresh horse manure on the road, the horse rider may be just up ahead, even old horse manure, clearly left there for some time, is a clear indication that horse riders use the road.

But, most importantly, if a driver, any driver, even a learner driver, slows down for no apparent reason on a clear road, then take another look and you may well spot the reason for the driver’s action!  Think of the consequences first, before you blindly overtake and drive headlong into disaster.

Take care!

10th April 2012 22:46 - Posted by jackie  |
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