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A47 crashes Swaffham to Easton


Image showing fatal and serious crashes along the A47 route from Swaffham to Easton

Image from the Dereham Times, 14.03.2013

When you look at this image, and see all those red triangles (fatalities) and blue squares (serious injuries), what do you think about?  Personally I think of all those families affected by these tragedies.  In the latest crash there was an additional fatality, not involved in the crash itself, because the partner of the dead woman collapsed and died from a heart attack the following day!  The human cost of these crashes is horrific!   And there is a financial cost too, that must be bourne by  the emergency services, employers, and ultimately the economy.  But no price can be put on the human suffering which will be felt for many years, a lifetime for the families involved!

So, I am in total agreement for the upgrading of this stretch of single carriageway to dual; any road improvements which can be carried out to improve safety are to be welcomed, and should be lobbied for.  However, road improvements alone will never solve the problem, but the thing that will do so, in conjunction with these road improvements, is the very thing the motoring public would shout loudly against, and that is regular refresher training for ALL drivers, every 10yrs on renewal of photo licence, with a suitably qualified driver trainer.  This should be someone who has received further training since becoming an ADI (Approved Driving Instructor), both in their driving skills, which must be at the very highest level, and in their coaching techniques, because no qualified driver wants to be treated like a learner!  And when these drivers reach old age, I firmly believe we will see a drastic reduction in crashes associated with elderly drivers.  Put quite simply, if you have poor driving skills before you reach 70, you can be sure those will get worse in old age!  Develop good driving skills throughout your driving lifetime, then you stand a much better chance of retaining your independence long into your dotage!


Develop good driving skills when younger and remain independent for longer!


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14th March 2013 21:09 - Posted by jackie

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