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About Jackie, your Care Motoring driving instructor.

Jackie Willis, female driving instructor, in her driving school car, Molly looking out of the rear passenger window

Jackie Willis, Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) in her driving school car

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I love driving, as I’m sure this photo shows.  When I picked up my new Fiesta in October 2010, I was excited to have a new car at last!  I loved my old Clio – the photo of my lovely little dog, Molly, sitting in her cage in the back seat of the car, is in the back of the Clio – but it was time to change and so I chose the Fiesta instead of Renault. It was a great car, and I kept it for 3 years, but now I have gone back to Renault and have another Clio:

Clio Dec 2013

When Molly was younger she regularly accompanied me on driving lessons, always with permission of my pupils of course. This is the cage I had for her when I had my first Clio:

Molly enjoyed travelling in her cage in the back of the Clio and often accompanied me on driving lessons.

Molly now has a lovely canvass kennel which she sleeps in at home and I can easily pop into the car when we go anywhere.  The photograph at the top of the page shows Molly standing up at the car window to pose for her adoring public!  The kennel can be opened at the top, keeping Molly still safe inside but able to stand up like this when we stop – she likes to look at the surroundings so she knows where we are!  These days she occasionally accompanies me on lessons, and has been, as usual, as good as gold and loved by the pupils.  So, if you’d like Molly to accompany you on your lessons, then please ask.  If not, Molly is very happy staying home with the company of her beloved ‘cat-mate’, Mimi.

Molly and Mimi together by the fire


I have been teaching driving for over 12 years now, to learners and to qualified drivers, and it is my passion.  I enjoy coaching learner drivers to achieve their longed-for independence with the acquisition of their driving licence, as well as working with qualified drivers who have to drive as part of their job. Being a DVSA fleet registered instructor has opened many doors for me into the corporate world and this very rewarding work.  When a client starts the session saying they don’t believe they will gain anything through the training, that it is just a ‘box-ticking exercise’, but then finishes the session saying they have enjoyed it more than they expected because they ‘learned some things’, then you know you’ve done something right and this gives me a real buzz!

You can find me on Facebook and Twitter, as well as Linkedin,  all of which helps me to develop links with other industry experts.  This is how I met Julia Malkin, whose expertise helps instructors like myself to develop our skills working with those of you with specific learning needs.

If you are a learner driver looking for driving lessons, a nervous driver (learner or qualified) looking for the right instructor to help you, a driving instructor interested in CPD courses, a fleet manager looking for a good trainer for your drivers, or a qualified driver who would like to do some further training (an advanced driving course or perhaps help with reversing?) then please look no further until you have spoken to me!

You can contact me on the following numbers:

Landline: 01603 881557    Mobile: 07775 667488