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About Your Driving Lessons


Toddler at the wheel, just like a learner feels when starting out!

As a new learner driver, this is how you will feel!

Yes, you will feel like a small child all over again! The vehicle control skills you will need to learn, before you can start learning about dealing with all the other things on the road, will seem very strange at first! But you know, the brain is an amazing thing and soon adapts to these new skills. True, some manage this faster than others, but all manage it given time and patience. Don’t be tempted to compare yourself with others when learning to drive, we are all different and so we all learn at different rates and in different ways.

And that is the key to how you will be taught – at your pace and in your preferred style.

Which of these statements fits best with you?

  • I see what you mean
  • I hear what you’re saying
  • That feels right to me
If you have a strong leaning towards the first one, then you probably like to look at pictures, or other visual aids, when learning. If you read or are told something, you probably form pictures in your mind at the same time.Cartoon image, visual learner
A strong leaning towards the second statement indicates you probably like to learn by listening – to the teacher, an audio recording or, when you read, you hear the words in your head (or say them out loud).
Line drawing face, eyes to left and hand cupped to ear
If the third statement appeals most to you, then you probably prefer to learn things by having a go yourself then refining the process as you learn.
 Cartoon figure, holding box, "forget the manual, I'll work it out"
These are the three principal learning styles, visual, auditory and kinaesthetic – seeing, listening and doing. The reality, however, is that most people are a mixture of these styles, with one maybe a stronger preference than the other two. And, over time, our learning styles are modified, sometimes changed completely, as we learn new ways of doing things.
So, in your driving lessons, your preferred learning style will be taken into account, and you will have the chance to ask for something to be practised in a particular way, so it fits exactly with you.
Auditory teacher talks to kinaesthetic learner

Client-centred learning

Before I became a driving instructor I was a qualified teacher, trained originally in the ‘child-centred’ methodology. Government ministers come and go, together with their party politics, and so education is in a constant state of change and flux! Some of this is for the better, but then ‘discredited’ by subsequent political parties and education ministers wanting to stamp their mark! So it was with child-centred theories, much maligned post 60s, but here we are now, in the 2nd decade of the 21st century, and driving instructors will now be checked on their training against a set of national standards that require an approach which is client-centred and uses coaching methodology! This is music to my ears!

A text image showing the contrasts between coaching methodology and instruction

Click the image above to go to the page it is from and read more about coaching v driving instruction

How this all affects your driving lessons

All learners will have access to the following, which they can use in their preferred way:

  • Visual aids – lesson presenters; driving lessons apps on iPad
  • YouTube videos matching current in-car learning
  • Theory test apps and online training and testing
  • Recommended books
  • E-Learning website specifically for learner drivers with a wealth of video content with commentary
  • Self-reflection app
  • Driving lessons record app
  • Numerous lesson apps covering the learning to drive syllabus, which can be adapted by the learner for their learning style
  • Home study resources and activities, with support for private driving practice