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Delivering driving lessons in a way best suited to YOU.

How do you learn best?

1. In a relaxed environment? I’m sure your answer to this will be a resounding YES!

2. In your preferred learning style?

  • Using pictures/diagrams/charts?
  • In conversation with the teacher/instructor?
  • reading the information and/or writing it down?
  • just getting on and doing it?

In reality, you may like to learn in more than one way, maybe all of the above?

But you will probably have a preferred way of learning something for the first time.

3. Do you like to set your own goals, deciding, in discussion with your instructor, what you want to do and achieve during the lesson?

4. Are you happy to assess your own progress and reflect on things you have done well and not so well?

5. Do you enjoy working out for yourself how you can improve your performance?

This way of learning puts more responsibility onto you, the learner driver, with the instructor managing risk alongside you.

Because driving is all about managing risk – are you up to this challenge?


If so, call 07775 667488 or 01603 881557 now!

12th March 2017 13:41 - Posted by jackie

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