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Welcome to our new automatic tuition vehicle!

Driving School Car


March 14th our Toyota Yaris hybrid arrived, and here she is, all dressed up in the Care Motoring livery. Please watch out for her in and around Norwich, Wymondham and Dereham and give us a wave if you see us!

Hybrid means the car has a traditional combustion engine and fuel tank, together with an electric motor and a battery pack. Hybrid, as well as electric vehicles, do not have a manual gearbox. Therefore these are the cars of the future, and in time only electric vehicles will be on our roads. So, the need to be able to drive a manual car is fast disappearing, hence why Care Motoring has decided to make the switch to automatic now.


We offer assessment driving lessons before learners make the commitment to learn with us


Call (or text and ask for a call back) to book a ‘no commitment’ assessment lesson in our brand new automatic car.

Find out if Care Motoring is right for you before you book any further lessons. 


Want to know about the driving testbooking, changing, cancelling, cost, and what happens on test? Click here now


The driving test changed in December 2017.

Watch this video from the DVSA to find out what you can expect in the new test.

 Click here to find out how the ‘Show me, Tell me’ vehicle safety questions are also changing


Nervous drivers/learner drivers please click here

Find out all you need to know about learning to drive. Keep on scrolling!

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Click here to find out the style of teaching/learning you can expect to receive with Care Motoring


Take a practice theory test


Looking for insurance? 


Young Marmalade offers insurance for learner drivers to cover you for private practice.

They also offer a special Student Driver insurance

 as well as insurance for those who have recently passed their driving test.

Marmalade New Driver


Care Motoring also recommends Collingwood insurance for learner drivers.

Short term insurance allowing you to be insured for private practice as and when you need it. Insure someone else’s car under your policy so that their car insurance is not affected. Provided you make no claims, then you will build up a no-claims bonus month by month, gradually reducing the cost of your insurance and having a period of no-claims when applying for insurance after you pass your test – what’s not to like?

Collingwood Learner Driver Insurance

Click the banner to find out more about insuring yourself for private practice

NEW:  Driving instructors are now covered by this insurance too! This means that if you want your instructor to assess your driving in your own car, or give you a couple of lessons in it before you have private practice sessions, you can do so. This is a big step forward for insurance!


Click to visit the eDrivingSolutions website



E-DrivingSolutions is a website with videos that are specifically designed to assist your hazard awareness skills and help you to develop the ability to scan the road scene. Eye scanning, together with making judgements and decisions, occurs in the frontal lobe of the brain, which isn’t fully developed until around the age of 25. The eDrivingSolutions system helps you to exercise your brain so that the skill develops.  Sounds like the stuff of science fiction, but I can 100% assure you it works because I’ve seen it happen too often. Click the logo above to visit the site.

If you were hungry, which would you choose?

Choosing the right instructor for your driving lessons, which is best for you?






Click here to discover the connection between the chocolate bars, fruit and driving lessons.


Find out all you need to knowe about learning to drive down this page!Keep on scrolling!

Important licence info further down! Keep on scrolling!

Driving lessons in Norwich, Dereham and Wymondham

Market day in Dereham


Click here for driving lessons Dereham

The Market Cross

Wymondham Market Cross

Click here for driving lessons Wymondham

Driving lessons in Norwich

© Michaelbfoley | – Norwich Cathedral, England. Photo


 Click here for driving lessons Norwich




Do you know your preferred learning style?  Check it out here



Need to get your provisional licence?  Click here to apply online

You must apply for your provisional licence before you can start driving lessonsDriving licence paper counterpart no longer valid 

Click here for more information.  You will need to give your driving instructor, or any other relevant person (eg vehicle hire company) access to your licence details. To do this you need to generate a licence code.   Click this link to generate your code

Want to learn for your theory test?  

Click the Highway Code image or download the app from your app store, it’s available for iOS and Android
You will need to know the rules in the Highway Code for your driving lessons          Let the Highway Code App help you learn for your theory test

Take a practice theory test


Choose from the links below to find what YOU need in driving lessons:

Driving lessons in or around the Norwich,Dereham or Wymondham areas

Female driving instructor, experienced and well qualified

Take control of your driving lessons

Expert help for nervous drivers

Learning difficulties?  Specialist tuition available

Online e-learning programme

Patience, understanding, giving you control over the pace of your learning and helping you to achieve your goals.  Interested? Call Jackie on:

01603 881557  or  07775 667 488

We are listed on the Driving Schools Directory for Driving Lessons and Intensive Driving Courses. Compare The Market

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