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Driving nerves


Female driver too anxious to drive

You can overcome your driving nerves!

I specialise in helping both full licence holders and learner drivers to overcome their driving nerves and become more confident in their driving.  There are numerous reasons why people become nervous drivers, but be reassured that you will be able to drive, if that is what you truly want.  Motivation plays a big part, whether it is taking that first step to book a driving lesson or actually getting in the car and sitting in the driver’s seat.  If you really want to do it then, with the right kind of help, you will succeed.  So, take a look at each of the links, then make that step towards your freedom and independence and give me a call:

01603 881557  or  07775 667488

Overcome driving test nerves


Available from Amazon (click the image), Driving Test Angel will help you to remain calm and focused on the big day. You will learn how to programme your brain with positive thoughts about the test rather than the negative thoughts you are probably currently programming in! This is a tried and tested programme, developed by Christine Pirrie DHyp Psych, and for a long time only available on her website.

Irlen Syndrome®  

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This is a little known, but not rare syndrome that affects around 12 – 15% of the population, the vast majority of whom have no idea they have it! If you are dyslexic, dyspraxic or on the Autistic Spectrum (ASD) you have around a 47% chance of also suffering from Irlen Syndrome®. This is a brain processing issue which affects how the person sees print and the environment they are in. It affects both those with perfect vision and those who need to wear glasses, for reading, distance or both. There are a number of symptoms associated with this syndrome, which can easily be corrected with coloured lens filters, such as dislike of bright lights (glare), migraines, clumsiness (eg, walking into door frames or open cupboard doors, or knocking things over), lack of desire to read, headaches or fatigue when reading, struggling in school even when the child is bright (Irlen Syndrome® does not differentiate between level of IQ, it can affect anyone!). On the websites (the links are to IrlenUK and IrlenEast, also UK) you can read about the various symptoms, check out the myths and facts, or you can take a self-test (adult) or student. Here you will find a comprehensive list of issues with which Irlen Syndrome® can co-exist, demonstrating how Irlen® can increase the severity of these conditions or, in some cases, be mistaken for them. For example, pupils can often be labelled as having ADD/ADHD when in fact it is Irlen® that is the root cause – the behaviour is caused by over-activity in the brain, which is a symptom of Irlen Syndrome®, and because of the frustration caused by undiagnosed Irlen®. And, most interestingly for nervous or anxious learner drivers, symptoms of anxiety and depression can also be linked to Irlen Syndrome®, but only testing will show whether or not Irlen® is the real problem, partially or completely!

At Care Motoring we specialise in identifying those who may have Irlen Syndrome® and helping learners, and qualified drivers, who are diagnosed as suffering from this syndrome. There is no ‘cure’, as such, but wearing Irlen® spectral filters (worn as glasses or, if suitable, contact lenses) when driving and reading, can completely solve the problem and all associated symptoms. Such an easy solution to an otherwise success limiting condition!

It is essential to point out that ONLY Irlen® spectral filters will support issues other than reading. Whilst those obtained through an optician will make print accessible, they do not correct problems in the environment and, unlike the Irlen® filters, they colour and darken the environment. For this reason these lenses (which are Cerium lenses) are NOT suitable for driving.

Emotional Freedom Technique is the tapping technique I use with some of my very nervous clients to help reduce the emotional impact of their nerves. When it comes to using EFT, Gary Craig, founder of EFT, recommends you ‘try it on everything’!

Thought Field Therapy (TFT) is the ‘father’ of EFT since Gary Craig was a student of Roger Callahan, who developed the idea of tapping on the chinese acupture points to help people to overcome a whole host of problems. These techniques are taught by Paul McKenna.

LofaWay2Pass is a book written by Diane Hall, herself an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) and a qualified TFT practitioner. I can highly recommend this book for nervous learner drivers and also those who suffer from dyslexia.

01603 881557  or  07775 667488