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Over 30 and want to learn to drive?

Driving lessons for the over 30s, 40s, 50s…

in fact it’s never too late to learn to drive!

So long as your physical and mental health are ok, then if you want to learn, go ahead and do it!

Mature lady points to placard: You CAN do it!
You CAN do it!


Over 30 and want to learn to drive? No problem!

Here at Care Motoring we have successfully taught a number of older people to drive. Not that being over 30 is ‘old’, but because the image is always of the young learner driver, many people think they might have left it too late once they turn 30. This simply is not true! We have also successfully taught people over 40 and over 50 to drive, and currently (Aug 2015) have our first learner who is over 60!  

Older learner drivers have many advantages over the young learners:

  • the ability to see the broader picture
  • able to make decisions
  • better judgement skills
  • life’s experiences
  • eye-scanning skills (which don’t fully develop until around the age of 25)
  • probably many years as a front seat passenger in a car, keeping a watchful eye on the road
  • may have developed the skill to ‘read’ what other drivers are about to do

The main disadvantage for the older driver is that learning car control is much harder because the muscle memory and neural pathways to the brain have long been ‘fixed’ and so asking the body to move in unfamiliar ways can be very difficult to do. But NOT impossible; it just takes time. Many of those who come to driving late give up at this point, believing they really are too old.

But that just isn’t true!

The older learner driver will need to spend significantly longer on this skill than the younger driver, BUT will then spend significantly less time learning road and traffic skills. And this is the most important part about learning to drive! Most older learner drivers have much more road sense than the average 17-25 year old! Older learner drivers are better at dealing with distractions than their younger counterparts, and they have a greater sense of responsibility. Yes, the older you get the more your faculties will slow, but we are talking mainly about those over 65 here, and that varies from individual to individual.

So, you know yourself best. Are you still game to have a go at learning new skills? Are you actively involved in life? Maybe you run a business or still go out to work, or participate in active recreational activities? Do you yearn for the independence driving could bring you (especially if you have suffered the loss of your spouse, who was the driver in the family)? Then give me a call and we can have a chat. After that, then a first assessment lesson, for you to get the feel of what it’s like and if you think you could enjoy learning to drive with me. Call me now:

01603 881557  or  07775 667488