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No commitment assessment lesson

When you fit like pieces of a jigsaw, then the relationship is right.

Is this the right driving instructor for you?


Before you book lessons with ANY driving instructor, you should take one lesson first that has no commitment attached to it for you to continue with that instructor/driving school.

Learning to drive is a very ‘intimate’ situation because you are together, instructor and learner, in the close confines of the car, every week for as long as it takes to reach test standard, which could be quite a few months. So, how do you know you will feel comfortable with that person?

We are all different and so it would be impossible for everyone to like us, or indeed for everyone to dislike us! But, as human beings, we most certainly do ‘click’ with certain individuals, and that is what you are looking for with a driving instructor. Do you ‘click’ with them as a person? Do you ‘click’ with their style of teaching?  To be fair, a good instructor will adapt their training style to suit your learning needs, but you do have to tell them, on this first assessment lesson, what your learning style and needs are. I was a little frustrated recently when I asked an assessment pupil if my teaching style was ok for them and they replied that it was. After returning home I had a message from the pupil to say she wasn’t going to continue with lessons with me because she didn’t like my teaching style! You see where I’m coming from here? Please be honest with the instructor about how you feel, in a nice way of course, and offer them as much information as possible that will help them to teach you in the right way. If it still doesn’t work for you then fair enough, walk away and try someone else.

Then, of course, there is the question of money. If you are looking for the cheapest lessons possible, then ensure you search for that. Go onto Groupon and see what’s available there, and look for deals instructors may be running. There’s no point spending money on an assessment lesson if you then can’t afford the lessons! At Care Motoring, we always charge our assessment lessons at the cheapest hourly rate we offer, which means making a block payment of 4 lessons of 2hrs or 90mins, all of which must be completed over 4 weeks. So, if you can only afford to pay weekly, then you will not get the cheapest rate we offer.

One thing you should bear in mind is that running a driving school, even a one-man band driving school, is extremely expensive. There is not only the fuel to consider every week, but the cost of buying or leasing the car itself, insurance, damage to the vehicle (especially tyres and alloys) and all the other paraphernalia that goes with running a business, including the tax bill!  When you think that piano lessons can cost as much as £35 for half an hour, and because most piano teachers teach from home, they have very little in the way of overheads to pay, then this rather puts the cost of driving lessons into perspective because, at £25 or even £30 an hour, they are way too cheap by comparison!

So, choose carefully. The cheapest instructor may cost you very dear in the end!

Call Care Motoring now and find out what we can offer you and, crucially, if we are right for you.

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