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Driving Lessons Prices


Some driving lesson prices are too cheap! What price do you put on safety?

Save for driving lessons, overall cost can be higher than the driving lesson prices quote!

Looking for cheap prices? Think value for money.

Here at Care Motoring we believe you get what you pay for. You may have heard the expression ‘Pay peanuts, get monkeys’, which means that the cheaper the lessons the less likely it is you will get the best training or the best service. Certainly driving schools and instructors will offer special deals from time to time, to entice more people to sign up with them, and there is nothing wrong with that provided you don’t go from cheap deal to cheap deal because that will end up a very expensive way to learn!


Prices 2018-19  Click this link to download a pdf doc of our current prices, valid up to April 5th 2019.

Lesson Payment Terms of Business 2016 Click this link to check the terms and conditions associated with each payment type.


We can offer discounts on these prices if a block booking of hours, taken over a longer period of time, is made. Please call Jackie on 07775 667488 or 01603 881557 to discuss your options.

However, it is important to understand that the price you pay with Care Motoring is not just for the hours spent in the car. Your driving lessons include all of the following:

        • coaching sessions in the car with Jackie
        • ongoing support between lessons, which may include the following:
          • theory test help
          • help understanding the hazard perception test
          • advice with private practice driving, for you and the person helping you
          • any questions at all to do with your private study concerning driving topics
          • coming soon: weekly group webinars (online training) with Jackie. These will cover a whole host of topics connected with driving, open to current learners only. The webinars will be recorded so you will be given access to them for further learning and revision.
        • FREE access to an online theory test study program, Theory Test Pro:

Theory Test Pro in partnership with Care Motoring

            • FREE access to an e-learning website, eDriving Solutions, where you will find lots of scientifically produced videos to help you develop your eye-scanning skills, your decision making and your judgements;  these videos also teach your brain what is important to become aware of as a driver, things you probably never notice as a passenger, and definitely not when you are a pedestrian!
            • Easy access to the Care Motoring YouTube channel, with guidance on which videos to be watching as you progress through your lessons.
            • Help and advice with car purchase and getting cheaper insurance (very cheap car = mega expensive insurance!).

Your driving lessons will guide you towards the theory and practical tests, as well as prepare you for ‘going solo’ with confidence and good, safe driving habits.  

            • You will learn about sharing road space with others, including vulnerable road users such as cyclists and horse riders.
            • You will learn to drive on different roads, including rural roads and fast dual carriageways. 
            • You will have the opportunity to learn strategies for dealing with peer pressure, journey planning and the decision as to whether to drive or not (what other options are available for the journey you want to make?), your own personality and emotions and how they impact on your driving.
            • Night driving and driving in bad weather conditions will be experienced wherever possible, but you will most certainly be encouraged to study these aspects of driving and discuss them with Jackie.
            • Post test lessons, driving at night and in snow, are available to you after you have passed your test – Jackie is still only a phone call away!

Your first lesson is an assessment lesson, so you can find out whether or not Care Motoring is the right driving school for you.  There is absolutely no commitment for you to book further lessons.

Call 01603 881 557  or  07775 667 488 to discuss your needs