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Private Practice Driving


Private practice driving lessons reduce learning costs and give you excellent on-road driving experience.

Private practice with dad


We can help you to achieve this by:

  • Issuing you with a private practice guide for accompanying drivers and learners
  • Giving an on-road training session to your accompanying driver so they are better equipped to help you
  • Allowing your accompanying driver to sit in on some of your driving lessons
  • Helping you to get access to suitable insurance

More driving experience will make you more confident. Do you know anyone who has passed their driving test but is too scared to drive?

There are now several insurance companies who offer insurance for learner drivers.  These companies understand the value and importance of getting plenty of driving practice before you pass your driving test. This type of  policy insures YOU, the learner driver, so that the owner of the car you practise in doesn’t have to worry about their own insurance policy. Jackie can tell you more – call her or ask her during your next driving lesson.

Collingwood Learner Driver Insurance

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Alternatively, you can use the form on the contact page to ask your questions and we will email you further information.