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Try before you buy

Many driving schools offer a number of introductory hours cheaply to entice you to sign up with them. This is all very well, but if you find the instructor is not right for you, then you have 2 choices:

  • stick it out until you finish the lessons – waste of your money!
  • forfeit the lessons and the money and look for the right instructor – waste of your money!

Before you commit to taking lessons with Care Motoring you are offered a ‘try before you buy’ assessment lesson (charged at our lowest hourly rate at the time of booking), which allows you to assess whether learning to drive is right for you, whether you feel ok with the instructor and if you like the car you will learn in or not. After all, you will be in this car, with this instructor, in a very ‘personal’ environment so it is essential that you feel comfortable. The session also allows your instructor to assess your aptitude for driving and so give you some broad idea as to how many lessons you might need. 

Instructor and pupil in car, working in close proximity

You will also find out just exactly what you will get for the money you pay, which is a lot more than just the lessons you take in the car. If you are not prepared to put in some effort between lessons (this does not necessarily mean private practice driving) then Care Motoring is not for you as the money you pay includes everything you need to study between lessons (which is what cuts the cost of your learning).  

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