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Driving Test Nerves


Have you failed your driving test, or maybe several tests, because of your nerves?

Do you suffer from exam nerves generally?

Have you achieved lower exam results because of your nerves?

Do your nerves spoil your chances for all practical tests?


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Follow the road to success with Care Motoring


If you’ve reached this page then I guess some, or probably ALL of this applies to you!

You can benefit from my vast experience of teaching nervous drivers, coupled with some specialist techniques known as Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT for short, to help you pass your driving test (at last!)*

Driving test nerves banished forever with EFT.

Say goodbye to driving test failures and hello to freedom!

EFT will ensure you stay calm on the day so you can perform at your best.

* if you’ve got a driving licence but have become too nervous to drive, or you drive as little as you possibly can, then these techniques can help you too; it’s not just for learner drivers!

The following is a testimonial from a learner who had a number of issues to deal with in life and who finally passed his driving test with me:

Mark Heath 24 July 2010

hi I’m mark, 31, I started to learn driving in 2006, so it’s taken me along time to finally pass my driving test in June 2010 on my 7th or 8th attempt in total! The thing is I’d had 4 driving instructors from 2006 to 2009 before I met Jackie Willis in July 2009 I think, so that makes her my 5th driving instructor. My previous driving instructors were all good in there own way but they would lose patients with me, so I felt under pressure and I would get nervous and I would fail 1 after the other. I kept changing my driving instructors always getting the same results, these 4 driving instructors before Jackie had something missing, none of them really understood me, as I had slight learning disabilities when younger and didn’t have a very good time at high school or in education so it affected my adult life and anything I tried to learn, I felt I couldn’t be successful in anything I did and felt like a failier and this made me have depression through out my adulthood. I was getting fed up with driving and after 4 failed attempts I almost wanted to quit. But my mum heard a driving instructor talking on radio Norfolk and that happened to be Jackie Willis of care motoring advertising something called virtual driving instructor which is a podcast that explains on how to drive. I missed the radio show and my mum told me about it and I checked it out by replaying it on the BBC iplayer website. I was impressed by what I heard and checked her caremotoring website and it had all the things a professional driving school website had, good photos, video and a good description what she was about, it was saying all the things I needed, like do need help with nervous driving, have you failed several times, do you suffer from a disibility like dyslexia or dyspraxia and do you need specialist help. So I decided to give Jackie a ring and arranged a lesson. My first Lesson went great, she was the star driving instructor I was looking for, the special thing about her is she’s from a teachers background and understood my learning disibilities and we came to the conclusion I might have audio dyslexia or sommat like that, she seemed to go into the whole psychology on why I was feeling depressed and how it affected my driving and it made me understand my problems and help me over come them, she was like a counsellor on wheels. She doesn’t tell you exactly what to do but rather coach you and ask questions on where you think you went wrong and talk you through it which is a good way to teach and she makes it interesting, I still had my ups and downs, But she was very good at helping me through this journey that took a year, I passed On my 3rd attempt with her by using something called tapping therapy (eft) emotional freedom therapy which is good for nerves, stresses, anxiety and consentration or any issue you can think of and it worked with me and help me pass my test. I think Jackie was a god send and is very interesting ladie and is worth checking out. If only I started with Jackie in the first place I would of passed much sooner.

Cheers mark Heath.

Call me now if you think I am the person to help you too:

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or you can send me an email to [email protected] or alternatively use the form on the contact page.

You may also be interested in this hypnotherapy DVD, available on Amazon, produced especially for learner drivers who are failing their tests purely through test nerves. Click the image to check it out on Amazon.

Overcome driving test nerves


7th October 2010 09:42 - Posted by jackie

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