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Dyslexic? Dyspraxic? Nervous? BUT…. You Want to Learn to Drive!

Are you dyslexic, dyspraxic or too nervous to drive? We can help you.


As someone who is dyslexic, dyspraxic or nervous, how many of these categories fit you:

Have you been trying to learn to drive for a long time, maybe already failed several tests?

Maybe you’ve not been diagnosed as dyslexic but some things in life seem more difficult for you to learn?

Do you ever wonder about your spatial awareness?

Do you find difficulty remembering things you’ve just been taught?

Do you have problems remembering sequences?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above then you may well have something called ‘Irlen Syndrome’, a brain processing issue that can cause these problems. Check it out here then contact me if you think this could apply to you.

 Do you want, or perhaps badly need, to learn to drive but your nerves seem to be stopping you?

You may have considered exploring other avenues, such as hypnosis or NLP, to help you?

You may be a very confident person in other areas of your life but driving seems to turn you into a dithering wreck?

Or perhaps you fall into none of these categories, except that you have always suffered from ‘exam nerves’?

Here at Care Motoring we use a number of different resources and techniques to help you to make the progress you want to make:

    • EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique.  This is a ‘tapping’ technique based on acupuncture points.  Read more about it on the EFT website.
    • LofaWay2Pass by Diane Hall. This book was written by a driving instructor who is also a qualified NLP and TFT practitioner. This easy-to-read book will support you throughout your learning programme.
    • Giving you control over the pace and content of your lessons; allowing you to learn in the way that suits you best.  We coach you in driving, so you make more of the decisions for yourself, rather than instruct which can lead to over-reliance on the instructor so that you feel ‘lost’ without them after you pass your test thus leading to you becoming a ‘nervous driver’.  Coaching ensures you learn before you pass the test how to make decisions for yourself and drive independently.
    • Online eLearning programme from eDriving Solutions so you can continue your learning between lessons, thus speeding up your learning and so reducing the cost to you.

Driving Test Angel


Available from Amazon (click the image), Driving Test Angel will help you to remain calm and focused on the big day. You will learn how to programme your brain with positive thoughts about the test rather than the negative thoughts you are probably currently programming in! This is a tried and tested programme, developed by Christine Pirrie and for a long time only available on her website.

Please note you are unlikely to find success with this if you approach it with a negative mindset. Best to have an open mind rather than overly positive or negative.


Ready to start your driving lessons with Care Motoring?

Call 01603 881557 or 07775 667488 to book your no-commitment assessment lesson.

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