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Having just read on a driving instructor’s website that there will soon be retesting for elderly drivers, I felt it important to reassure any older drivers who may have read this, or any similar inaccurate information, that retesting for elderly drivers is NOT on the agenda, either now or in the foreseeable future. This post on the AA website, Ten tips to help if you’re worried about an older driver, clearly explains why this will not happen.

Elderly lady photographed at the wheel of her car


If, however, you feel it would be right either for yourself, or an elderly relative, to have a driving assessment with a qualified driving instructor, then that is most definitely a good idea.  In fact, it is a very good idea for any driver, no matter their age!  So please do contact me if you live in the Norfolk area and I will happily give you a driving assessment.  One thing the assessment is most likely to do for you is to save you money!  Now isn’t that a good reason for taking an assessment?

Call on 01603 881 557  or  07775 667488


20th February 2012 13:52 - Posted by jackie  |


Click here to visit the Lightmare site and sign the petition

If you too find bright lights on vehicles blinding and distracting, please click the banner to visit the official Lightmare website and sign the petition.

Did you know that it is an offence to use lights which ‘dazzle or cause discomfort to other road users’ (Highway Code rule 114)? The use of high intensity lights which are incorrectly adjusted so as to cause dazzle, using spotlights when visibilty is greater than 100m, using rear fog lights in the same conditions, all are illegal. I would even suggest sitting with one’s foot on the brake pedal whilst stationary at traffic lights should also fall into this category; the brake light in the rear windscreen is high intensity and shines directly into the eyes of the driver behind. Drivers should apply the handbrake and select neutral when waiting at red lights.

Please pass this on to all your friends if you too are suffering from this ‘lightmare’ – you may even have stopped driving at night because of it! Together we can make a difference.

Blinding Vehicle Lights or Lightmare

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10th February 2011 18:23 - Posted by jackie  |


Driving is the ability to integrate safely with other road users:


    • to complete your journey safely (the ultimate goal every time you drive)
    • knowing the rules and playing by them (Highway Code)
    • remaining vigilant to potential threats to your safety (hazard perception)
    • continually making and modifying decisions (awareness and planning)


When teaching someone to drive, it is important that the learner driver is able to develop the ability to make independent decisions. When a learner is taught exclusively through instruction, a false perception of their actual ability to drive can be built up.  This is because the learner is relying on the instructor to make all the decisions for them, so much so that they can, with a skilled instructor, ‘switch off’ their own brains!

Instructors may tell you that they use coaching through their question and answer technique (Q&A), but this is merely leading the learner by the hand to find the ‘right answer’.  A driving ‘coach’ will help the learner to work out the solutions to all problems for themselves, which is the most effective way to learn.  Of course, in the hectic environment of today’s busy roads, coaching is not always appropriate where safety could be compromised, and so some instruction must inevitably take place.  But, as a basic principle of your learning, coaching techniques will be used.

So, what exactly will coaching mean for you? 

The following list will give you some idea of what you can expect in your lessons:

  • You set the lesson goals in discussion with your instructor.
  • You rate your own progress, identifying where you have done well and which areas you feel you need to improve.  This is the skill of self-evaluation, a major life skill!
  • You dictate the pace of your lessons, rather than your instructor.
  • You will be given the opportunity to discover for yourself how to control the car in certain situations, including carrying out reversing manoeuvres.
  • You will be asked to identify the root cause of any driving faults you make and how you think you could avoid making that fault in the future.

Because lessons will always take place in environments that match your ability, this method of learning will allow you to safely explore what works and what doesn’t for yourself.

If this way of learning sounds good to you, then please contact me now.

01603 881557 (please leave message if voicemail on)

07775 667 488  (text or call)


2nd January 2011 12:10 - Posted by jackie  |

Get your eyesight tested

It is very important your eyesight is good enough for driving, for obvious reasons!  At the start of your driving test the examiner will ask you to read a number plate at a distance of 20 metres for new style number plates or 20.5m for old style.  All the information you need on this can be found in the page ‘Driving Eyesight Requirements‘ on the DirectGov website.

If you do need to wear glasses for driving:

One thing that is not mentioned, however, is that you should take care over the type of frames you choose for your glasses if you intend to wear them for driving.  Frames which are deep at the side of your eyes, which are currently fashionable, cut out your peripheral vision and can be potentially very dangerous when driving.  As a driving instructor, I have had pupils pull out of junctions in front of approaching vehicles they have not seen because of wearing such glasses.  So, be safe and take advantage of any ‘bogof’ offers you get to choose a 2nd, more suitable pair for driving.  The thinner the frame the better.  This is just as important as wearing suitable shoes for driving, so it’s a good idea to leave special driving glasses (and shoes) in your car.  That way you can’t forget them and, let’s face it, you’re probably not going to wear them anywhere else!

3rd November 2010 08:28 - Posted by jackie  |

Exceldia, which stands for Excel Driver and Instructor Academy, is based in Leicester and run by Julia Malkin (see photo), one of the most highly qualified Approved Driving Instructors (ADI) in the country. And she’s autistic!

In 2011 Julia was awarded the highest accolade of all with the honour of receiving the MBE from the Queen, in the New Year’s Honours list, for her services to road safety for people with special learning needs.  Need I say more?


Julia truly understands what it’s like to find learning difficult, and yet she has overcome all these difficulties to become so highly qualified in the driver training industry. And now she is here to help you, the learner who struggles to understand the complexities of learning to drive and who may also find difficulty in relating to other people, especially those who try to teach you. Julia is here to help us too, the driving instructors who want to help you.

The SmartStart programme will allow you to get going with your driving so that you can then find an instructor in your area (with Julia’s help) who will best be able to continue your learning with you. Visit the SmartStart page on the Exceldia website today and see for yourself what Julia can do for you. You may also like to visit the Excel Academy website and find out more about training and resources available to you (also opens in a new window). After completing this course, I hope Norfolk learners will choose to continue their learning with Care Motoring as we specialise in working with learners who have these specific learning needs.

Even if you can’t attend a SmartStart course, please do contact us for your driving lessons.

9am to 6pm call:

0800 298 4380

after 6pm call:

01362 861375

call and leave a voicemail message or text your query to:

07775 667488

7th October 2010 09:47 - Posted by jackie  |


Have you failed your driving test, or maybe several tests, because of your nerves?

Do you suffer from exam nerves generally?

Have you achieved lower exam results because of your nerves?

Do your nerves spoil your chances for all practical tests?


signposts showing the route to success

Follow the road to success with Care Motoring


If you’ve reached this page then I guess some, or probably ALL of this applies to you!

You can benefit from my vast experience of teaching nervous drivers, coupled with some specialist techniques known as Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT for short, to help you pass your driving test (at last!)*

Driving test nerves banished forever with EFT.

Say goodbye to driving test failures and hello to freedom!

EFT will ensure you stay calm on the day so you can perform at your best.

* if you’ve got a driving licence but have become too nervous to drive, or you drive as little as you possibly can, then these techniques can help you too; it’s not just for learner drivers!

The following is a testimonial from a learner who had a number of issues to deal with in life and who finally passed his driving test with me:

Mark Heath 24 July 2010

hi I’m mark, 31, I started to learn driving in 2006, so it’s taken me along time to finally pass my driving test in June 2010 on my 7th or 8th attempt in total! The thing is I’d had 4 driving instructors from 2006 to 2009 before I met Jackie Willis in July 2009 I think, so that makes her my 5th driving instructor. My previous driving instructors were all good in there own way but they would lose patients with me, so I felt under pressure and I would get nervous and I would fail 1 after the other. I kept changing my driving instructors always getting the same results, these 4 driving instructors before Jackie had something missing, none of them really understood me, as I had slight learning disabilities when younger and didn’t have a very good time at high school or in education so it affected my adult life and anything I tried to learn, I felt I couldn’t be successful in anything I did and felt like a failier and this made me have depression through out my adulthood. I was getting fed up with driving and after 4 failed attempts I almost wanted to quit. But my mum heard a driving instructor talking on radio Norfolk and that happened to be Jackie Willis of care motoring advertising something called virtual driving instructor which is a podcast that explains on how to drive. I missed the radio show and my mum told me about it and I checked it out by replaying it on the BBC iplayer website. I was impressed by what I heard and checked her caremotoring website and it had all the things a professional driving school website had, good photos, video and a good description what she was about, it was saying all the things I needed, like do need help with nervous driving, have you failed several times, do you suffer from a disibility like dyslexia or dyspraxia and do you need specialist help. So I decided to give Jackie a ring and arranged a lesson. My first Lesson went great, she was the star driving instructor I was looking for, the special thing about her is she’s from a teachers background and understood my learning disibilities and we came to the conclusion I might have audio dyslexia or sommat like that, she seemed to go into the whole psychology on why I was feeling depressed and how it affected my driving and it made me understand my problems and help me over come them, she was like a counsellor on wheels. She doesn’t tell you exactly what to do but rather coach you and ask questions on where you think you went wrong and talk you through it which is a good way to teach and she makes it interesting, I still had my ups and downs, But she was very good at helping me through this journey that took a year, I passed On my 3rd attempt with her by using something called tapping therapy (eft) emotional freedom therapy which is good for nerves, stresses, anxiety and consentration or any issue you can think of and it worked with me and help me pass my test. I think Jackie was a god send and is very interesting ladie and is worth checking out. If only I started with Jackie in the first place I would of passed much sooner.

Cheers mark Heath.

Call me now if you think I am the person to help you too:

01603 881557  or  07775 667488

or you can send me an email to [email protected] or alternatively use the form on the contact page.

You may also be interested in this hypnotherapy DVD, available on Amazon, produced especially for learner drivers who are failing their tests purely through test nerves. Click the image to check it out on Amazon.

Overcome driving test nerves


09:42 - Posted by jackie  |

Very nervous woman biting nails

Have you failed several driving tests because of your nerves?

Have you ever wondered what it is that makes you a nervous driver?

Do you have that negative voice in your head telling you that you can’t do it, that you’re no good?

Do things seem to happen ‘suddenly’ to you when you’re driving?

Do other people make you feel inadequate by their apparent confidence and competence behind the wheel?

Are you beginning to think you’d rather walk, cycle or get the bus anyway?

Do you dread those questions people ask, or the statements they make? “Why don’t you drive?” “Why don’t you just do it? It’s easy!” And so on!

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) can help! EFT is a wonderful ‘tapping’ technique, closely related to something you may have seen Paul McKenna doing, and it’s something you can easily learn to do for yourself.  Gary Craig developed the EFT technique, and you can find out more about this amazing technique by visiting the GaryThink.com website.

Alexandra was a very anxious learner driver, someone who would become anxious very easily and fairly often during her driving lessons. I used EFT with her to try to help her, as there was no way she was going to pass her test whilst she was in this state. But, would you believe it, she passed her test after 25hrs of lessons with me, and on her very first attempt, with only 4 very minor faults! This is what she had to say straight afterwards:

“When I was first introduced to EFT by Jackie, my first thought was that it wouldn’t work as I’d heard about hypnotherapy and exercises such as these not working. However during my first few lessons I’d felt the stress and anxiety building up, eventually causing me to feel extremely overwhelmed. Jackie had already sensed it happening and told me to pull the car over and told me about EFT. It was unbelievable how easy and effective ‘tapping’ was to get rid of any stress. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who feels that sense of overwhelming anxiety whilst learning to drive.” Alex

Do you ever feel like Alex? Maybe you even have a phobia about driving, yet you desperately want, or need, to be able to drive! Or perhaps you’ve already passed your test, maybe some years ago, but some event, or something you can’t pin- point, has turned you into a ‘nervous driver’? Then please call me for a chat. I can help you!

07775 667488 / 01603 881557

If picking up the phone to talk about it is not for you, and you are certainly not alone in that, then please email: [email protected] or use the form on the contact page.  I look forward to helping you.

09:35 - Posted by jackie  |

Are you dyslexic, dyspraxic or too nervous to drive? We can help you.


As someone who is dyslexic, dyspraxic or nervous, how many of these categories fit you:

Have you been trying to learn to drive for a long time, maybe already failed several tests?

Maybe you’ve not been diagnosed as dyslexic but some things in life seem more difficult for you to learn?

Do you ever wonder about your spatial awareness?

Do you find difficulty remembering things you’ve just been taught?

Do you have problems remembering sequences?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above then you may well have something called ‘Irlen Syndrome’, a brain processing issue that can cause these problems. Check it out here then contact me if you think this could apply to you.

 Do you want, or perhaps badly need, to learn to drive but your nerves seem to be stopping you?

You may have considered exploring other avenues, such as hypnosis or NLP, to help you?

You may be a very confident person in other areas of your life but driving seems to turn you into a dithering wreck?

Or perhaps you fall into none of these categories, except that you have always suffered from ‘exam nerves’?

Here at Care Motoring we use a number of different resources and techniques to help you to make the progress you want to make:

    • EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique.  This is a ‘tapping’ technique based on acupuncture points.  Read more about it on the EFT website.
    • LofaWay2Pass by Diane Hall. This book was written by a driving instructor who is also a qualified NLP and TFT practitioner. This easy-to-read book will support you throughout your learning programme.
    • Giving you control over the pace and content of your lessons; allowing you to learn in the way that suits you best.  We coach you in driving, so you make more of the decisions for yourself, rather than instruct which can lead to over-reliance on the instructor so that you feel ‘lost’ without them after you pass your test thus leading to you becoming a ‘nervous driver’.  Coaching ensures you learn before you pass the test how to make decisions for yourself and drive independently.
    • Online eLearning programme from eDriving Solutions so you can continue your learning between lessons, thus speeding up your learning and so reducing the cost to you.

Driving Test Angel


Available from Amazon (click the image), Driving Test Angel will help you to remain calm and focused on the big day. You will learn how to programme your brain with positive thoughts about the test rather than the negative thoughts you are probably currently programming in! This is a tried and tested programme, developed by Christine Pirrie and for a long time only available on her website.

Please note you are unlikely to find success with this if you approach it with a negative mindset. Best to have an open mind rather than overly positive or negative.


Ready to start your driving lessons with Care Motoring?

Call 01603 881557 or 07775 667488 to book your no-commitment assessment lesson.

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t: 01603 881557  m: 07775 667488. 

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Welcome to our new automatic tuition vehicle!

Driving School Car


March 14th our Toyota Yaris hybrid arrived, and here she is, all dressed up in the Care Motoring livery. Please watch out for her in and around Norwich, Wymondham and Dereham and give us a wave if you see us!

Hybrid means the car has a traditional combustion engine and fuel tank, together with an electric motor and a battery pack. Hybrid, as well as electric vehicles, do not have a manual gearbox. Therefore these are the cars of the future, and in time only electric vehicles will be on our roads. So, the need to be able to drive a manual car is fast disappearing, hence why Care Motoring has decided to make the switch to automatic now.


We offer assessment driving lessons before learners make the commitment to learn with us


Call (or text and ask for a call back) to book a ‘no commitment’ assessment lesson in our brand new automatic car.

Find out if Care Motoring is right for you before you book any further lessons. 


Want to know about the driving testbooking, changing, cancelling, cost, and what happens on test? Click here now


The driving test changed in December 2017.

Watch this video from the DVSA to find out what you can expect in the new test.

 Click here to find out how the ‘Show me, Tell me’ vehicle safety questions are also changing


Nervous drivers/learner drivers please click here

Find out all you need to know about learning to drive. Keep on scrolling!

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Click here to find out the style of teaching/learning you can expect to receive with Care Motoring


Take a practice theory test


Looking for insurance? 


Young Marmalade offers insurance for learner drivers to cover you for private practice.

They also offer a special Student Driver insurance


 as well as insurance for those who have recently passed their driving test.

Marmalade New Driver


Care Motoring also recommends Collingwood insurance for learner drivers.

Short term insurance allowing you to be insured for private practice as and when you need it. Insure someone else’s car under your policy so that their car insurance is not affected. Provided you make no claims, then you will build up a no-claims bonus month by month, gradually reducing the cost of your insurance and having a period of no-claims when applying for insurance after you pass your test – what’s not to like?

Collingwood Learner Driver Insurance

Click the banner to find out more about insuring yourself for private practice

NEW:  Driving instructors are now covered by this insurance too! This means that if you want your instructor to assess your driving in your own car, or give you a couple of lessons in it before you have private practice sessions, you can do so. This is a big step forward for insurance!


Click to visit the eDrivingSolutions website



E-DrivingSolutions is a website with videos that are specifically designed to assist your hazard awareness skills and help you to develop the ability to scan the road scene. Eye scanning, together with making judgements and decisions, occurs in the frontal lobe of the brain, which isn’t fully developed until around the age of 25. The eDrivingSolutions system helps you to exercise your brain so that the skill develops.  Sounds like the stuff of science fiction, but I can 100% assure you it works because I’ve seen it happen too often. Click the logo above to visit the site.

If you were hungry, which would you choose?

Choosing the right instructor for your driving lessons, which is best for you?






Click here to discover the connection between the chocolate bars, fruit and driving lessons.


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Driving lessons in Norwich, Dereham and Wymondham

Market day in Dereham


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The Market Cross

Wymondham Market Cross

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Driving lessons in Norwich

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Do you know your preferred learning style?  Check it out here



Need to get your provisional licence?  Click here to apply online

You must apply for your provisional licence before you can start driving lessonsDriving licence paper counterpart no longer valid 

Click here for more information.  You will need to give your driving instructor, or any other relevant person (eg vehicle hire company) access to your licence details. To do this you need to generate a licence code.   Click this link to generate your code

Want to learn for your theory test?  

Click the Highway Code image or download the app from your app store, it’s available for iOS and Android
You will need to know the rules in the Highway Code for your driving lessons          Let the Highway Code App help you learn for your theory test

Take a practice theory test


Choose from the links below to find what YOU need in driving lessons:

Driving lessons in or around the Norwich,Dereham or Wymondham areas

Female driving instructor, experienced and well qualified

Take control of your driving lessons

Expert help for nervous drivers

Learning difficulties?  Specialist tuition available

Online e-learning programme

Patience, understanding, giving you control over the pace of your learning and helping you to achieve your goals.  Interested? Call Jackie on:

01603 881557  or  07775 667 488

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