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Refresher Driving Lessons


Need to renew your licence, change your address, get a replacement if lost, stolen or defaced, renew if over 70, renew photo part or exchange paper licence for photocard?  You can do all this online at Directgov.


Care Motoring can offer the perfect refresher driving lessons for you!

There are many reasons why you might need some refresher driving lessons, such as:

  • you passed your driving test some time ago and have driven very little since, maybe not at all
  • you passed your driving test many years ago, drove for a short time, but then not at all. You now have a need to drive again
  • you need a confidence boost following an accident or incident in a car (either you or someone else driving)
  • you feel uncomfortable dealing with certain situations, eg roundabouts or turning right
  • you are a novice driver and have never driven on the motorway
  • you have to take your test again following a driving ban
  • you feel you’d like to update and modernise your driving skills
  • you’re thinking about doing an advanced driving course but would like a professional assessment of your driving first

We can offer you:

refresher driving lessons, especially if you’ve had a break from driving, have returned from living abroad, or you want to build your confidence

courses for elderly and nervous drivers

advanced driver training

defensive and eco-driving courses (ideal for those driving for work)

Because we recognise the need to encourage all drivers to acknowledge their own part in making roads safer, we offer refresher driving lessons to suit a wide variety of needs. These courses are designed to help you put back the enjoyment into your driving, by raising your concentration levels and teaching you some ‘new tricks’, so that you benefit from the numerous vehicle improvements that have been made by car manufacturers over recent years. And, most importantly for your pocket, and for our planet, we can help you master the skills of eco-driving, skills which will see you making better and safer progress on the roads than you may currently be doing, saving you money at the same time; some drivers could see their fuel bills reduce by 15%, which could see a saving of around £300pa – that could be your insurance paid for the year!

Business owners may be interested to know that we coach drivers in adopting eco-driving skills. Drivers who become skilled in this way of driving see their fuel and vehicle running costs reduced and the company can usually obtain a healthy reduction in their vehicle insurance costs too. We can offer group presentation to groups of employees of 4 or more and in-car training on a 2-to-1 basis to reduce costs without reducing the quality of the training.  Contact us now for further information on 01603 881557

Experienced and confident drivers might like to prove their skills through an advanced driving course. Passing an advanced driving test will save you money, reduce stress and potentially further your career prospects.

If you are a nervous driver we can help; believe me, you are not alone! There are numerous people who have given up the independence offered by driving because they have become too afraid to drive, some have even developed phobias. We can help!

Very often a driving phobia will be linked to something totally unconnected with driving, it’s just a coincidence that the phobic reaction occurred whilst driving.  Other times it can be driving related but linked to a traumatic event in  the past which the person may or may not remember.  We can help using a tapping therapy called EFT (visit the website,

Eco-driving is often referred to as eco-safe driving as the techniques used also happen to be the safest way to drive.  Although keeping your speed down by keeping the engine revs low, will reduce fuel consumption, this may not necessarily be the safest way to drive if, in so doing, you are travelling at speeds significantly below the speed limit.  “Surely that’s the safest way to drive”, I hear you ask, but not necessarily.  Driving along a fairly busy road, travelling at speeds below that which can be deemed to be safe for the road, the traffic and the conditions, can cause you to become an irritating hazard for other drivers, resulting in you suffering from tail-gating and some drivers taking unnecessary risks to overtake you.  Far better to maintain the flow of traffic, keep up within the legal speed limit, but observe hazards earlier and slow down using release of accelerator pedal first.  This is eco-driving at its best, and saves you money since the fuel supply to the engine is cut off when the accelerator is released; essentially you get ‘free’ driving at this point (years ago drivers were badly advised by some to knock the gear lever into neutral to save fuel!  Definitely NOT good practice!).  Modern car engines use some fuel whilst idling in neutral, but use none when the car is moving, in gear but with the gas pedal off.  The trick is to become very proficient at spotting the hazards early and putting in early action.  Assess what is, or what might be ahead of you.  Ask yourself this question:

What might be where I can’t see?

Blind bend over narrow bridge

What might be where you can’t see?

and then select the appropriate approach speed, planning to go but preparing to stop.

To book your assessment lesson and to find out more about learning to drive in this way:

email:  [email protected]

call:  01603 881557  or   07775 667488