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Advanced Driving


Roadcraft has now been updated and offers even more advice.  With the likes of Dr Lisa Dorn, Cranfield University Reader in Driver Behaviour, as a member of the Advisory Board for this book, and Chris Gilbert, Ultimate Driving Craft, listed amongst the ‘Reflective Practitioners’, then you know you’ve got something very special. With the help of a driving instructor, who is at the required higher level, even learner drivers will gain a lot from this book before they begin driving alone.  Driving instructors who have taken no further driving tests beyond the ADI part 2 test, are advised to read this book to further their skills.


Prove/Improve your driving skills with these advanced tests from the Driving Instructors Association

The Driving Instructors Association (DIA) offers members of the public 2 levels of advanced driving test: the Advanced Motorist test and the higher level Special test, which is the test taken by driving instructors who want to achieve the highest standard in their driving so as to pass on the very best driving habits to their learners.  So, if you are a driving instructor, or other road safety professional, then this is the test you should aim to acquire.

Diamond Special Test certificate 

However, any member of the public may wish to aspire to this high level of driving, so the following video will give you a good overview of what to expect in the test.  This video can take several seconds to appear, or you could view it on YouTube (this is a private link, so not publicly available on YouTube).


Would you like to become a Diamond Advanced Motorist?

I am a Diamond Advanced Instructor, qualified to train you towards both of these tests.  Why not call me for an assessment of your driving?  I will give you a written report telling you the areas of your driving that you need to work on and the recommended number of training hours you will need to reach the standard. And, as a Diamond Advanced Motorist, you should be able to obtain discount on your car insurance.

Call me on 07775 667488 or 01603 881557