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Save money on driving lessons


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How to save money on your driving lessons.

                           (The secret your friends don’t know – shhhhh!)

How much are your driving lessons?

Is this the question you ask?

So what do you do with the answer?  Ring round and choose the cheapest?

Well what else can you do if this is the question you ask first?  You’re choosing on price, right?


You are asking how much you’ll have to pay per hour.  That is all!

Sliding Doors:

Selection of chocolate bars - instant gratification

So, you decide to go with the instructor charging £18.  After all, that’s much more than you earn per hour, and it seems a reasonable amount to pay.  Besides, the guy is really busy, teaching from early in the morning to well into the evening, so he can find a time to suit you, weekends included!  You book 2hrs once a week, on your day off, and excitedly look forward to your first lesson.

First couple of lessons go well, then on the 3rd he’s 20mins late and he failed to let you know!

Following week he cancels as he has a driving test – well that is to be expected from such a busy instructor.

All goes well for the next couple of lessons, but on the next one he fails to turn up!  What is going on?

Full of apologies he tells you a sad story so you are understanding.

Your lessons continue, but he starts shouting at you when you get things wrong!  You just don’t seem to be able to get the hang of what he’s telling you, so after several lessons that nearly have you in tears, you decide to quit.

You managed to pass your theory test on the 3rd attempt, after spending more money on a DVD to help you!

In total you’ve spent £360 on 10 lessons (which is 20hrs, remember!) and you’re now a ‘nervous driver’!  Plus you spent £93 on your 3 theory tests, and the certificate only lasts for 2yrs!  The DVD cost £12 so total spent was £465! 
Cheap driving lessons cost you dear!


 Fruit - longer lasting effects

So, you decide to go with the instructor charging £30.  By far the most expensive in the area, but you know from experience you get what you pay for.

First lesson she tells you that you that this is an assessment lesson – your instructor will assess your needs, your aptitude, your learning style and your attitude to driving.  You will assess whether or not you feel comfortable with this person and whether or not you like the way they teach you. You are reassured that you are under no obligation to take any more lessons with Care Motoring if you don’t feel it is right for you.

At the end of this lesson you feel very comfortable because the instructor really seems to understand you, you just ‘click’.  She asks you for your opinions on how well you think you’ve done!  She asks you to decide what goals you’d like to set yourself for the next lesson!  She even asked you what goal you’d set for yourself for passing your driving test!  You had a pleasant chat about that and decided  around 5 months was reasonable, but that this goal could be re-evaluated regularly.

You decide to continue with this instructor so she offers you a block of 8hrs for £200 and you accept.

The next lesson, your instructor comes armed with a folder from her driving school, full of information about learning to drive, the theory test and the practical test, even tips for when you’ve passed your test!  There’s some leafllets about insurance (you didn’t realise you could get insurance for yourself, on a vehicle you will practise in between lessons, without affecting the car owner’s insurance!  Your parents will be pleased!).  The instructor tells you she will sign you up with a website where you can learn for your theory test, so you don’t need to buy anything, plus another e-learning site where you can also do theory test practice and learn more about driving with some very special videos to help you develop better driving skills.  And this instructor has also set up a folder on YouTube containing the best videos to further assist your learning. Gosh, all this as part of the lesson fee you pay!

Well, the rest of the lessons go really well and, with some help and advice from your instructor, you pass your theory test first time and book your driving test for a month later.  By this time you are having private practice with your mum, and whenever you can you watch these videos your instructor has recommended, as well as learning from the e-learning site your instructor signed you up to.  In fact, you soon realise you are learning an awful lot between lessons, not just on the driving lessons themselves!  So this is how you save money on driving lessons!!

And guess what?  You pass your test first time!  Total cost of your driving lessons?  £1000. With your theory (1st time pass) and driving test fees (1st time pass), the total came to £1093.  Spread over 5 months and it comes to £218.60 per month!
Test passed, tear up that L-plate!

And now you have your driving licence for life, and you love driving!  You also understand how to be a safe and responsible driver, whilst making progress at the same time!  In fact your mates say ‘you don’t hang around’!  (But this is the secret you keep to yourself!)  And you can be sure the effects of these driving lessons will stay with you, and help to keep you safe, for life!


So, which of the ‘sliding doors (great film, by-the-way!) will you choose?  Will you choose the cheapest lesson price (chocolate bars) or the most expensive (fruit)?

Would you rather waste £465, and become a nervous driver (chocolate) or spend £1093 and end up, not only with a driving licence but as a safe, confident and responsible driver (fruit)?

It’s your choice!

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