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Coaching enables you to take control of your driving lessons


Driving is the ability to integrate safely with other road users:


    • to complete your journey safely (the ultimate goal every time you drive)
    • knowing the rules and playing by them (Highway Code)
    • remaining vigilant to potential threats to your safety (hazard perception)
    • continually making and modifying decisions (awareness and planning)


When teaching someone to drive, it is important that the learner driver is able to develop the ability to make independent decisions. When a learner is taught exclusively through instruction, a false perception of their actual ability to drive can be built up.  This is because the learner is relying on the instructor to make all the decisions for them, so much so that they can, with a skilled instructor, ‘switch off’ their own brains!

Instructors may tell you that they use coaching through their question and answer technique (Q&A), but this is merely leading the learner by the hand to find the ‘right answer’.  A driving ‘coach’ will help the learner to work out the solutions to all problems for themselves, which is the most effective way to learn.  Of course, in the hectic environment of today’s busy roads, coaching is not always appropriate where safety could be compromised, and so some instruction must inevitably take place.  But, as a basic principle of your learning, coaching techniques will be used.

So, what exactly will coaching mean for you? 

The following list will give you some idea of what you can expect in your lessons:

  • You set the lesson goals in discussion with your instructor.
  • You rate your own progress, identifying where you have done well and which areas you feel you need to improve.  This is the skill of self-evaluation, a major life skill!
  • You dictate the pace of your lessons, rather than your instructor.
  • You will be given the opportunity to discover for yourself how to control the car in certain situations, including carrying out reversing manoeuvres.
  • You will be asked to identify the root cause of any driving faults you make and how you think you could avoid making that fault in the future.

Because lessons will always take place in environments that match your ability, this method of learning will allow you to safely explore what works and what doesn’t for yourself.

If this way of learning sounds good to you, then please contact me now.

01603 881557 (please leave message if voicemail on)

07775 667 488  (text or call)


2nd January 2011 12:10 - Posted by jackie

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