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The Dile


The Driving Instructors Learning Environment

(The DILE) 

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Driving Instructors, a new membership website for you.

Consider the following statements concerning CPD:

  • I don’t have time to do CPD
  • CPD costs too much
  • All courses are too far away
  • I can’t give up a day of driving lessons
  • CPD doesn’t help me earn more money
  • I’ve been doing this job for years so why should I change now?
  • I know everything I need to know to teach learner drivers

How many of these statements apply to you?  Would you like to do more but time/cost/distance all get in the way?

Do you find you really don’t know what courses to do?  Don’t know who delivers the best training?

Don’t know if it’s worth your while doing a BTEC course, or even if you’d cope with such a course?

Attended a few workshops or training days in the past, but found they added nothing to your business?

You’d be happy to read a bit more, but don’t know where to find topics of interest to you?

You’d like to interact with other ADIs, but don’t always find Facebook appropriate?

No doubt you could add many more to this list.

So, what then is The Dile? 

Put simply, it’s learning online, sharing knowledge and resources, meeting the experts in driver training and in business.  Learning how to run your driving school like a well-oiled machine!  Learning new skills so you can deliver (even) better driving lessons!  Understand client-centred teaching, because you’ll need to demonstrate proficiency in this in your check tests post April 2014.  Meet the trainers who’ll help you get that grade 5 or 6.  Find out how to use social media for business.  And much much more!


Twice monthly webinars; articles; videos; blog; topic based forums; advice and support for you.

Find it all on The Dile, saving you time searching the Internet for what you need.

Familiar green octagonal shows the website is for Approved Driving Instructors Visit the site:


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