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The Eyes Have It


How well do you use your eyes when driving?

Blue eyes

As a learner driver, you actually need to be taught how to use your eyes.  How wierd is that?

Take a peep at the following tips and see how many of these you are already aware of:

Aim your eyes high:

To see as far ahead as possible, you need to aim your eyes high, so think of them like headlights, on main beam not dipped.  Our eyes are used to looking lower down when we’re walking, so when you first start to learn to drive, you need to practise focusing your eyes much higher than your brain is used to doing.  In fact a large percentage of qualified drivers need to do so too!

Look at what you want to hit:

If you don’t want to hit it, don’t look at it!  What should you look at?  The space where you want your car to go.  Going through a narrow gap, keep focused on the road ahead where you want to go; in a multi-storey car park, negotiating the ramp between floors, look into the space ahead not at the wall or railings to the side.  Turning into a side road, look as early as possible into the road, and, as you make the turn, avoid looking at the corner pavement, kerb, wall, hedge etc, but focus your eyes well up into the road ahead.

Keep your eyes moving:

Scan the scene so that your eyes move out far ahead, then bring them back towards your car, like reeling in a fishing rod, into the rear-view mirror, then out ahead again.  Let your eyes scan the scene from side to side, like sitting a bit close to a cinema screen, so you spot things to the sides.  And remember to blink!  Heavy concentration makes the brain stare, or fixate, which prevents blinking, leading to dry eye, which then makes you feel tired!  Gosh, so many connections!

I’m sure these are things about learning to drive you just wouldn’t even have thought about.  And there’s more!  But I’ll save that for another post.

Take care (of your eyes)



15th November 2012 10:54 - Posted by jackie

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